I Was Tempted..

It’s a WOW Post!!!!!!


This post is part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. Your post must contain, ‘ I was tempted’.

“Honey, I am too tempted to stay back in bed every morning. I am hating this shift”. I am back from work and nag as usual. “Part and parcel of life, dear. It is so much better than your night shifts. You are back by 4 and have the entire evening to spend with me. Isn’t that cool?”, he trieseizes to cheer me on. I’m clearly not a morning person and by 3, all I can think of is Sleeeeeeeeeeeppppppppppp! No, not Cool At All, I say to myself.

So my alarm rings again at 3.45am. Nasty thing! Whoever invented this should be….&^$%$@!(&(*^)*….. well,no, I’m not going to swear! I’m a good lady!alarm

In case if you are wondering, I’m not a school kid, nor am I preparing for a competitive (as if I would wake up then!!Phew!!). I’m just another victim of the IT industry.
It’s been a month since I’ve worked in this “shift” hours- 6am to 3pm! Counting backwards, if I should be at work by 6, I need to start from home by 5. If we (P and I) should eat something for lunch, I need to start cooking at 4. So, yes, I can’t blame my alarm for waking me at 3.45am! Poor Chap!

As the days go by, I get more sleep-deprived and I’m not one of those people who gets motivated by thinking I would be free by 3pm.

Today, I got up when the alarm rang, sleep-walked till the washroom, completed my morning chores and headed straight to kitchen. I planned of preparing rice and Chicken Curry.work Rather than feeling grumpy, I was in high spirits today as today ends the trial- the trial of Morning shifts. Not even the huge loads of work at office could piss me off.

Its been only an hour since I started working and Boom…..the door explodes in and three huge men burst inside. I hear a loud scream. “Who are they? Terrorists? How did they get in? Where are the security guards?? “, my brain tried to reason. They have their weapons drawn and I can see the entire cubicle freezing. They inform us that we are abducted and they are getting ransom money in exchange of our release. We are all shaken but I see myself taking out my gun and firing at one of the men. What?? What on earth am I doing??The others jerked forward aiming their weapons in my direction. As I position myself to avoid the bullets, all I could think of was how did I carry a gun at work?And I fired at one. Foomp!! There he falls dead. Oh yeah, I’m an Army wife, obviously I’ll have a gun. The third tried to attack and I lurked forward to give him a nice kick. SPLAP, there he falls down.

I hear a loud scream again. The ground beneath is shaking and I hear, “What’s wrong with you? Why did you kick me?”. I open my eyes only to realize it was all a dream. 😦 I can see P staring at me and I was speechless. He ranted on,”What happened? Why didn’t you go to office, the sun is out.” I was astonished to see the clock ticking 6.45am. :O

I couldn’t bear him laughing at me. I was too embarrassed and maybe I can tell about my dream later- when he is in his senses. For now, I feebly uttered, “I was tempted to sleep”. I could see him throwing his hands up and then getting back to bed to have a sound sleep till his alarm rings at 7.


I go back to bed smiling at the prospect of sleeping throughout the day and trying to figure out an excuse for not turning up for work.
P.S: Friends at work.. I hope you understand that this is only a piece of fiction 😦


  1. Lol I practically keep snoozing my alarm for half an hour at least :p
    Nice take on the prompt. Good one 🙂


  2. I need 3 alarms to wake me up…and I don’t get to sleep in even on a Sunday 😦 I love my sleep. Nice post Shalini.


  3. WoW! That was some dream! And very well described!!


  4. Enjoyed reading it 🙂


  5. Funny one, Shalini!
    Wow! What an action-packed dream you had!
    Even i hate alarm-clocks. I wanna sleep a bit more too… we all are sleep-deprived 🙂



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