My Dream Bibliotheca

Oh, how did I miss this prompt!!! Bless the soul who brought out this idea and bless me for finding this at the eleventh hour. Oh yeah, I have only an hour to go before writing about my dream library. 🙂

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” – Jorje Luis Borges

I have since time immemorial always dreamt of a beautiful personal space in my home. Yes, it was only imagination, but I’m sure, one day definitely I’m going to have that.b8d0a307d22302c366343e38a520cd8a

My dream library would not be only of books, I want it to be teeming with bright colours, flowers, a side table, lots of cushions and artifacts. It is going to be a space where I spend some “Me-time”. Its going to be cozy and silent. But yeah, I can have a small music system in one corner, in case I feel like listening to some melody.


I have often been asked who my favourite author is or what my favorite book is. I feel stupid being asked so. It’s like asking a mother to pick her favourite child. So, my bookshelf bookshelves would include the following must haves:

a. Books on rhymes(Oh, I love’em).

b.Complete series of Sidney Sheldon, Agathe Christie, Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton.

c. Mills and Boon (I have even the oldest of their collections, possible. My mom was is an ardent reader, and I have this MIlls and Boon from her teenage years. :O Imagine!!).

d. Harry Potter series (Yes, I was someone, who hated these fantasy, magical books. I believed that they did not belong to my taste at all. HANDS DOWN. I also have three cousins who used to stand in queue since the eve of this book launch only to grab a copy before it was sold out. I still didn’t get motivated enough to read’em. It was when I didn’t have anything to read and I asked Mom to lend me money to buy the entire series. Obviously she didn’t allow me to spend that much on some childish fantasy-as I used to portray them. Oh, don’t give me that look 😦 So it was due to this sheer bullheadedness, that I downloaded the entire collection of e-books and in a matter of five days, I finished the complete series. Oh, yeah…now I’m a huge huge fan. c1d270553976ca76759f0136aaba4239

e. The Narnia Series.

f. The Lord of the Rings

g. Khalid Hosseini

h. Sherlock Holmes


i. Dan Brown

j. Biographies

k. Cookery (for sure!! 🙂 )

l.  ❤ The Rom-Coms ❤ – I love chick lists. It’s a one-time read whenever I feel low, and whenever I need to cheer up. 🙂bba6c4f247914212759b38a67d78fd7f

m. The entire Shakespeare Collection- My Mom has got the same, and she just wouldn’t let me have it. :O She was so headstrong not to let me have me her collection, but in fact, was ready to lend me money for buying’em rather than the Harry Potters.

n. Indian Authors- though I don’t prefer reading’em, I do have some favourites.

l. Eroticas


n. An original of Gone with the Wind- I honestly wish I have that. It’s my favourite. Hubby darling, are you seeing this?? 😉

o. Last but not the least, a huge Oxford Dictionary.


So, how’s your dream library going to be? 🙂

P.S: Gosh!!! the Indispire clock ticks…..



  1. This post is wonderful ! Congratulations for finding it out at the last hour. I found out about 10 hours before it was about to end and I had to travel for the whole time with my flight in about 3-4 hours. So I technically had to finish the post in about 1 hour, which is the same time you had.
    Here is where you can treat yourself with an original copy of Gone with The Wind ( A Signed One !!!) All the best buying that one (y) !!


  2. An original copy of GWTW. *Sigh* I hear you. Also, that’s quite a range- erotica to Oxford dictionary! 😛

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  3. Shalini it sounds to me like you have a perfect theme idea for the #atozchallenge, and a great library that anybody could find something to enjoy in.


  4. The perfect library would be truly blissful – and the rule about no lending would be posted at the door – thanks for your entry!


    • I know 🙂 🙂 Im persuading my hubby to build me my dream library. 😛 He said, I would then be never seen out of my library and nvr do household chores 🙂 Well, he has a point there. 🙂


  5. Recently my daughter asked me “Ami, what would you like to be when you grow up?” I was most delighted to hear that she thinks I still have growing up to do, but apart from that I did confess to her that I would have loved to be a librarian. So I hear you 🙂

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