Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves

I have been debating for the past half an hour or so about which household task I hate the most. Well, this is for the Daily Prompt and finally I came up with two. Doing the dishes and making my bed. Being a typical “fauji” that my hubby is you can clearly understand what I go through. I sometimes feel he is Mysophobic.

Everyday, we have a row upon making the bed. Being in the corporate world, I tend 1to work in shifts and God knows when I go for work and come back. My sleeping time is terrible and I end up sleeping the whole morning(I work at odd times, you know!!), afternoon or at night- when I have my weekoffs (Thank Goodness, there is something called Sunday). So, no! Don’t expect me to make my Bed. Now, I’m praying that he doesn’t read this and I’ll prepare myself for another row if he does. 😛

The next tedious task- Doing the dishes!! God, there is never an end to it. You need ice-cream? soup? sugar? a sandwich?  bake cookies?  Prepare yourselves for another1 marathon of cleaning. I remember my Mom swearing about this ceaseless undertaking.

  I tend to be messy and a messy kitchen is a sign of happiness- Yes, a messy kitchen is a happy kitchen!! But I can’t imagine removing the remainders of a soiled dish with oily gravy. How many ever brands of dish washers launch in the market, there is absolutely no end to it.

Wish there were only disposable spoons and plates. O yeah, wish we were nomads, primitives, cavemen.. That would have been good.


  1. 🙂 I have been there too, Pooja. And now its part of life!! 😥


  2. Totally agree with you, though I still haven’t reached a point in my life where I have to do the dishes but sometimes when mom is out of town and the responsibility is actually on me the hell breaks loose.


  3. Hahaha, simmilar feelings. But sometimes doing the dishes is like therapy. I feel better once i’ve cleaned em up 🙂



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  2. […] Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves | Tale of Two Tomatoes […]


  3. […] Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves | Tale of Two Tomatoes […]


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