Shrimp Theeyal

My success story with Pepper Chicken continues. I made it and gave t my colleague who literally was mesmerized and even compared the dish with that of Beijing Bites, Bangalore! Oh wow, what more do I want!

Anyway, this is yet another typical Malayali dish. As mentioned in Wikipedia, Theeyal is a Kerala dish. It is made from a spice mixture consisting of roasted coconut, coriander seeds, dried red chili and fenugreek. All spices are ground to a paste and cooked in tamarind water with vegetables. When completed it look like a rich medium brown gravy and is normally mixed with rice.

Theeyal can be made with shallots alone, or you can include drumsticks, ivy guard, potato, okra etc. But as a complete sea-food lovers that we both are, I have gone for Shrimps.

Konju Theeyal


Shrimps- 300gms, Shallots- 10to15, Grated Coconut- 2cups, Garlic- 4cloves, Ginger- 1″piece, Fennel-a pinch, Green chilly- 4or5, Turmeric powder- 1/2tsp, Chilli powder- 2tspn, Coriander powder- 2tspn, Fenugreek powder- a pinch, Coccum- 3, Curry leaves, Salt, Oil


In a pan, add a tspn f oil, Add coconut and fry well. Add Chilli powder, Coriander powder and mix well. Remove from fire and let it cool. Grind this mixture without water.

In a glass of warm water, add coccum and keep aside.

In a claypot(or a non-stick pan), add oil and when hot, add curry leaves, ginger, garlic and shallots. Saute. Add turmeric and fenugreek powder and mix well. Add green chillies too.

It is now time to add the shrimps. Mix well for couple of minutes. Add sufficient amount of water. Let it boil. Now, add the coccum and water which was set aside earlier. Add the coconut mixture and salt. Cook covered till the gravy becomes thicker. It would take around 20mins. Make sure not to cook too much as the shrimps tend to go rubbery when overcooked.


  1. Hi ,
    Even-though its ma Favorite bt i don’t know the way to prepare it …Thanks for posting this..:)


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